Nutanix and the Lastest 5.5.0 build-4345813 = DON’T

Monday (I know a little late on posting right!) I received a Nutanix Field Advisory #42. It states that there are issues with the latest 5.5 Build 4345813 that is causing  random unexpected  management functions in Prism.

It says all versions of AOS 4.7x, 4.6x, 4.5x, 4.1x, 4.0x, and 3.x

It only applies to Clusters that are running ESXi.

Specifically stating the following issues:

ESXi 5.5.0 build-4345813 includes patch release ESXi550-201609001 which includes security fix ESXi550-201609101-SG and it updates the OpenSSL version to 1.0.1t.

It was identified by Nutanix engineering that there is a java compatibility issue with java version java-1.8.0-openjdk-headless- (OpenJDK 8 update 91) and the OpenSSL version 1.0.1t which breaks the management service connectivity with the ESXi host.

How you identify if you are having an issues:


Various management functions between Prism and the ESXi host will not work as expected after upgrading an ESXi host to 5.5.0 build-4345813 or later.
Some of the additional signatures observed include:

  • Prism will show containers as unmounted on the host after upgrading the ESXi host to 5.5.0 build-4345813 or later.
  • Mount operations from Prism fail.
  • Mount command (esxcfg-nas) from the ESXi Host succeeds in mounting the datastore. On Prism, it will still show as unmounted.
  • Restart of Prism service will not change the status of the datastore.
  • The ‘ncli datastore ls’ command will show inconsistent output. Sometimes it will show datastore as mounted and it will disappear after sometime.


Soooo basically just wait to Upgrade and apply your security patches for your ESXi hosts in your Nutanix Cluster until they have a resolution or workaround.  They are supposed to have an updated solution provided on September 30th!

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  1. Janet Y

    Nov 17. 2016

    This was resolved by upgrading to the recently released versions of BMC 3.35 and BIOS 1.32. – see Nutanix Field Advisory #43.

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