My name is Shellie Treat, and I have worked in the Information Technology space for over 15 years now.  Statistics show that there are not a lot of women in this field, and my experiences throughout my career have lead me to totally believe that.  However, because there are so few of us in the field it makes it that much tougher to shine through and be recognized.  I have met a lot of great women in this field, and they have done wonderful things for the industry and to help close the gender gap.  But for the most part a lot of us our over-looked, not thought of as knowing much, and underpaid.

My husband and I have been to countless IT conferences and trade shows over the years and without fail, vendors would go directly to him and ask which company he was with etc, and completely ignore me . I actually find it funny, and make a mental note of the company.  Granted, I am not your stereotypical IT person.  I am very outgoing.  I love to socialize and shop.  I love going to functions and meeting people.  I don’t play video games.  When people ask me what I do and I tell them their typical response is that I am lying, and that they never would have guessed that.  I am not sure if I should take it as an insult or a compliment.

Anyway – back to the main objective.

This is by far not a feminist blog.  I am far from that, but more about, “hey here is my blog where I will post tips, tricks, technology related items, etc……

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  1. Tyler Treat

    Aug 12. 2016

    I absolutely love that you’re doing this!

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