Facebook Messenger Encryption is here!

I haven’t heard any announcement on this but, according to this article in Wired you are now able to encrypt your Facebook messages. Update your Messenger app and when you go to send a message all you have to do is select secret at the top right!!! This allows for secure communication between you and the attended recipient! For the security guys out there this is a big milestone, but I can’t help but think its one more thing that can be used for malicious communication that can’t be tracked. This brings up the security over convince/ safety topic. Some people don’t want big brother watching even though they have nothing to hide. They just don’t like the fact that anything they do can be tracked. Then you have the flip-side of the proper authorities are not able to possibly stop or deter something from happening because they have no inside source of communication. It’s a win-lose battle.Wired- Facebook Encryption

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